To the students of the Ascended Masters:
in the "I AM" movement (the messengers Guy and Edna Ballard),
in the "Bridge to Freedom" movement (the messenger Geraldine Innocent),
in the "Summit Lighthouse" movement (the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet),
in the "Shangri-La" movement (the messengers Kim and Lorraine Michaels),
to all chelas on the Path.

"If not us, then who?" — with this ancient motto we address all chelas of the Ascended Masters around the world who have a point of contact with the Hierarchy of Light in their hearts, those who are aware of the situation on the planet and understand that the outcome now largely depends on our Oneness, not only vertical — with the I AM Presence and the Ascended Masters, but also horizontal — between those of us who are in embodiment.

Our beloved Ascended Masters have put great effort into many spiritual movements, they gave us many teachings, and they gave us a lot of energy/Light. For a long time, they patiently helped us to grow so we could gain our Christ consciousness and express it here on earth. The Ascended Masters have indeed sowed a good seed, and they do have a right for a good harvest!

The challenge nowadays is whether those who identify themselves as the students of the Ascended Masters all over the world could put aside all the differences, any split to spiritual groups and other divisions, and
bring together our disparate effort to reinforce the planetary Antahkarana of Light and form the Chalice for bringing Light into the physical octave.

Merging consciousness with Heaven and with each other would give the Masters the opportunity to fill this Chalice out with a Flame of such intensity that all distortions of the Light that brought planetary discord will be swept away.

We are the chelas of the Ascended Masters, following the Path of the Ascended Masters / The Path of Christhood for many years (and some of us for decades) gathered several years ago to create
the Community of the Holy Spirit on the principles of Maitreya’s Sphere of Oneness. Today it includes 49 people, people of different ages and professions, men and women living in Russia: Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Barnaul, as well as in other countries: USA and Germany.

In this Sphere of Oneness we invite you, our beloved brothers and sisters around the world, to work together.
To amplify our effort now at this crucial moment for the planet Earth and hold a 24-hour World Vigil together on 22 of June 2020, the day when the Great Karmic Board meeting begins.

Students of the Ascended Masters, practicing the science of the spoken Word, know that the power and pressure of released Light are multiplied with more students gathered to hold the practice. So let’s show our Masters, our beloved brothers and sisters in the Light — the Ascended Masters, that we are able to embrace Oneness with each other. Let us show the world that, being as one, we can serve in the Ruby Flame of Sanat Kumara!

Victory comes through open hearts. There is nothing on this planet that cannot be conquered by the Flame of Victory, and if we express our free will and keep this Flame in our hearts, being as one, then the Masters would be able to act through us.

We realize that Co-Creativity with Heaven and with each other is a way out that goes beyond all existing limits and conditions and can remove all distortions of the Divine Light that have reached its highest peak.

We believe that we are able to put aside all human and "spiritual" frames, merging into cosmic, spiritual Oneness and becoming a tool in the hands of the Ascended Masters. The era of separation must go away, and the principle of cooperation will be the first step towards the beginning of a new era — the Age of Aquarius.

Remembering the law of ten times multiplying of Light during the gathered release of the Living Word, we invite everyone who hears us with his/her hearts and ask you to take part in the World Vigil — on June 22, 2020.

We propose hold a 24-hour World Vigil based on one matrix: protection — call — decrees, rosaries (and / or other spiritual tools), reinforced by visualizations. You can do the Vigil with your spiritual group or individually, the approximate time is 2.5 hours.

From May 19 to May 27 this year members of the Community of the Holy Spirit were holding the 9 days Vigil for resolving the situation in the world.
Putting together the Call, we tried to cover the most critical issues in the main areas of life on the planet Earth and in Russia at the moment. We did not make calls for stabilizing the situation, cause the existing system can no longer make progress, we ask the Ascended Masters to remove all destructive states, all undivine creations that do not correspond to Christ's vision and prevent the Golden Age.

If you live in another country, then after the "Russia" section you can add an additional part, which includes the relevant aspects of life in your country, that you feel should be added. The call and decrees are attached, below you can read the recommendations for holding the Vigil.



Step 1:
Share this letter and a link to this World Vigil website with members of your spiritual group and other spiritual groups around the world known to you. Make a group decision to participate in the World Vigil.

Step 2:
Download the Call and other materials available on this website. Edit the Call if needed. Add and / or delete whatever you might need. Get this Call attuned to your Heart.
Choose your local time slot for the vigil on June 22. Please let us know the time that you picked and the amount of participants using a sign up form — you can find it below. We will include your group or you individually to the list of all participants. As a result, we will all see the big picture of what cities are involved and at what time the World Vigil takes place. It will help all of us to feel our Oneness the way more deeper.

Step 3:
This step is optional, but desired. Shoot a short video (3−5 minutes) about your group, your city and your wishes to the Vigil participants. We will post it on this website and everyone will see each other and could become closer, which again will lead us to greater Oneness.

(This is a recommendation only)
You can put together your parts, consisted of the "Science of the Spoken Word" tools. These can be Rosaries, dynamic decrees, mantras, spiritual songs, etc. — it's up to you.
  • Tube of Light (3x)
  • Travelling Protection (9x)
  • Hail Archangel Michael (9x)
  • Guard, guard, guard us! 1.32 (9x)
  • Decree to the Beloved Mighty Astrea (The Starry Mother) 10.14 (3x), the key note of Elohim Astrea.
The key note of the Mighty Victory or the key note of the Goddess of Liberty.
You can divide the Call in several parts; when you read one part, you can do a pause for visualization in order to amplify the action of the Call for resolving indicated problems, for example:
  • The introduction part and the call for resolving the situation in the sections "Society", "Economics", "Genetic Engineering" (visualization);
  • sections "Children", "Education", "Medicine" (visualization);
  • section "World drug trade" (visualization);
  • section "Interpersonal violence" (visualization);
  • sections "Music and Culture", "Russia" (visualization).

You can use the visualizations of the Violet Flame, the Healing Thought Form of Archangel Raphael, and other visualizations, please follow your heart.
After reading the call, the third block of decrees follows:

  • The Call-Decree to the Great Karmic Board 7.29 (9x)
  • Decree to Sanat Kumara (3−9x), key note of Sanat Kumara
  • Decree 83.29 Violet Flame, consume anti-Life forces!
  • Violet Flame Mantra
  • Affirmation — Let there be Light!
Dear friends, as far as we know, this is the first proposal of this kind to all students of different dispensations to join hands and do our job! Will we miss that chance or will we follow God's command to the Children of Light — "Have dominion over the Earth!" ?!

Does the call compel the answer?

With Love to you, members of the Community of the Holy Spirit
Novosibirsk, Russia
and you will see the Flame above your city on the map below
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